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Cardiovascular health is of vital importance… knowing your CAC score could save your life

Irish Heart Disease Awareness  has funded research for cardiac health and the importance of a Coronary Artery Calcium Scan.  The CAC scan is highly recommended by the American Heart Association and European organisations are catching up on the importance of this scan.  Knowing your CAC score is intrinsic to cardiovascular health and vitality.  See the documentary in the video below, with thanks to Irish Heart Desease Awareness and GAA teams involved.

“A documentary comparing the current cardiac (CAC scan of the arteries) scoring of the Down and Meath panels that faced off in the 1991 All-Ireland final has saved a number of lives.”

John Fogarty,

IHDA & GAA Documentary: Extra Time – Know your score!


Irish cardiologist Dr. Paddy Barrett of the Blackrock Clinic and Ivor Cummins of IHDA  and The Fat Emperor  provide important insights into maintaining cardiovascular health and vitality.

Documentary’s heart scans may prove a life-saver for former players

Down’s 1991 All-Ireland SFC winning captain Paddy O’Rourke’s chances of avoiding a cardiac episode were improved by his participation in a documentary set to be released today

In conjunction with Irish Heart Disease Awareness, GPA founder Donal O’Neill’s Extra Time — Know Your Score movie has saved the lives of several of Pete McGrath’s side that beat Meath 29 years ago.

O’Neill organised a cardiac screening of the two teams that played that day after which it was discovered eight Down players and one from Meath required follow-up consultations with some coronrary calcium scoring reading as high as 3,100 — the lower the score the better (Mickey Linden and Martin O’Connell tested best).

How a GAA documentary has helped save lives

A documentary comparing the current cardiac scoring of the Down and Meath panels that faced off in the 1991 All-Ireland final has saved a number of lives.

Set to be released late this year and produced by Gaelic Players Association founder Donal O’Neill, Extra Time discovered several players from the victorious Down squad have significant heart disease.

With good scores for calcium plaque in the arteries ranging from zero to 100, a preview of the documentary revealed eight players in each group recorded zero scores, which has been likened to a 10-year warranty from coronary vessel disease. However, Down’s average score was 264 compared to Meath’s 16 with scores as dangerously high as 3,100 coming back from at least one member of the Mourne County’s squad. Just one of Seán Boylan’s panel required a follow-up consultation compared to a massive eight among Down’s.

Donal O’Neill on Newstalk Radio discussing the new “Extra Time” Documentary

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