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Helpline Ireland The Samaritans

Text: 00 353 (0)87 260 9090 The Samaritans      Email:

Helpline ACCESS Den Haag

Phone in NL: 0900 22 22 377 Contact ACCESS

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Jigsaw Ireland

Pieta House

Your Mental Health

Musculoskeletal Injury Clinic in The Hague

JC van Beek Medical Practice

Hospitals and Clinics in The Hague and Delft

Reinier de Graaf This hospital is located in Delft and is part of Reinier de Graaf Group, which includes clinics in Voorburg, Naaldwijk and Ypenburg. HMC Bronovo HMC Bronovo is a general hospital for residents of The Hague and surrounding areas. HagaZiekenhuis – Leyweg The HagaZiekenhuis is the largest hospital in The Hague region. The largest branch of the hospital is located on the Leyweg in the Leyenburg neighbourhood. HagaZiekenhuis – Sportlaan The HagaZiekenhuis on the Sportlaan is located near the dunes of The Hague’s Vogelwijk neighbourhood. The emphasis at this location is on planned medical treatments. HagaZiekenhuis – Juliana Children’s Hospital Next to the HagaZiekenhuis on the Leyweg you will find the Juliana Children’s Hospital (Juliana Kinderziekenhuis). HMC Westeinde HMC Westeinde is The Hague’s inner city hospital offering basic care, top-notch clinical functions and difficult-to-plan care. International Mental Health Services PsyQ International Mental Health Services provides state-of-the-art, discreet and professional support for all mental health challenges for internationals and expatriates living in the Netherlands. International Health Centre The Hague (IHCH) The IHCH offers comprehensive primary medical care. The health centre is unique in that it specialises in a multi-cultural (50% of staff is foreign) approach in the service it provides. Staff speak a variety of languages, offer appointments throughout the day, and offer patient support in areas such as healthcare matters, insurance, financial and general administrative issues. In addition, the following services are offered to patients who are not registered with the general practice: Travel Advice, Vaccinations for Adults and Children, Homeopathy, Nutritional Medicine, Psychology, Physiotherapy and other services including an on-site pharmacy.

First Aid Training

First Aid Video

The Hague International Centre

Useful resources with a wide variety of information for international staff of organisations and companies in The Hague, Delft, Leidschendam-Voorburg and Rijswijk. The Hague International Centre

Free Legal Aid in The Netherlands

Legal Expat Desk in English

GMW lawyers offer legal support and advice to expats.  For a free (10 minute) legal consultation with expat lawyers, call:  00 31 (0) 70 3615048

Free Legal Advice in English

This network enables you to see whether you have a legal problem and if you wish you can consult a lawfirm in your neighbourhood. The initial advice is always free of charge through the above link. What happens if your legal issue actually becomes a case? In almost all cases a lawyer costs money. This is different when you have been taken into custody. When that is the case, it does not matter how much money you make, whether you are rich or poor. You may choose the lawyer that will be assigned to your case and the lawyer will deal with your case, free of charge as soon as you are put into custody. In all other cases you will have to pay a contribution yourself. That contribution varies (in 2019) between € 199 and € 835 depending on your income. When you go to the ‘Legal office’ (juridisch loket Dutch) you will receive a € 54 discount on your contribution. As of January 1st 2012 most associated lawfirms will allow you to consult them, offering you the € 54 discount if you print out the coupon from the site using this link. You will therefore not have to visit the “juridisch Loket” but you can consult your lawfirm directly. You can see whether the law firm offers the € 54 discount as indicated on the associated offices.

Free Financial Advice in The Netherlands

The Hague

For general information re financial support in your area of The Hague, contact The Hague Corporation (Gemeente):  (070) 353 61 88 Help with Debt Management Christian Organisation (STEK) Budget Buddies in The Hague

Impartial Financial Management & Insurance Information

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