Critical Incidence Response

Lead liaison: Healthy Club Officer

Alternative liaison: Mary Gavin

Contact No: 0620573678


Support team

Name: Healthy Club Officer

Contact No:

Name: Veronica Gallagher

Contact No: 0641097018

Name: Helen Freney

Contact No: 0620105371

Media Liaison

Name: Healthy Club Officer

Name: Caitriona Rush

Contact No: 0681133988

Key Roles & Responsibilities

Multilingual interaction will be the responsibility of the Healthy Club Officer and Caitriona Rush and interaction with the Irish Embassy and liaison with health care professionals will be the responsibility of Mary Gavin and Veronica Gallagher respectively.  Helen Freney will also provide practical and emotional support to members in need.  

Review Date

31 May 2022

Healthy Club Officer 2019 – 30 June 2021: Miriam Ryan

Current Healthy Club Officer: Vacant

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